Print design,Website for Edinburgh House Estates

Gravesend Heritage Quarter

Plans are under way to redevelop the Gravesend Heritage Quarter, an historic part of Gravesend town centre.

Edinburgh House Estates approached me to help pull together a promotional website and literature campaign to help them share their vision for the heritage quarter with the wider public prior to planning application submission.

A small WordPress based website was designed to provide quick and easy access for local elected officials and the public to access design plans and visuals of the proposed development. Local businesses were also encouraged to visit the site and complete a form to register their interest during or after construction. An additional MailChimp email newsletter signup form was provided to allow the marketing team to spread the message even further.

Two brochures were also commissioned for distribution at various public consultation events and to be sent to key stakeholders in the area. The first was a three fold A4 landscape brochure which required sourcing a printer capable of handling such a unique job. The large panels of the brochure allowed provided an excellent canvas for the rich visuals produced by the project architects.
An additional brochure, this time in portrait orientation, was produced to provide more detail about the project so far, a timeline of events, and to go into greater depth about the benefits of the proposed scheme.