Website for Emergency Exit Arts


The Only Way is Ethics: Radical Citizenship is a Youth-Led, Creative Heritage Training programme that works with 18-25 year olds from across London to gain heritage skills with which to explore historic and contemporary ideals surrounding democracy, politics and citizenship.

I was approached by Emergency Exit Arts, a London based creative performance company, to help create a platform to best showcase the work of their programme as well as providing an online portfolio environment where its practitioners can display their research and work carried out whilst on the programme.

The website is divided into two main areas:

A front-end public facing website where visitors can learn about the programme, its practitioners, forthcoming events organised by the group, as well as providing crucial links through to the project’s sponsors.

For those involved within the programme there is a secure back-end area where they can login and upload / edit their content to develop their online portfolios. The addition of multiple layers of permissions also meant that other accounts can have access to additional features such as page editing, or even user management.


Part of the client brief was to ensure the site best reflected the character of the research carried out to date, and to display the artwork created. Texture rich background images were used to add depth and weight to the design, helping to break up pages with plenty of content.

There was extensive use of a front-end content editor tool for use by site users, as well as content filtering, YouTube video channel integration, and WordPress comments function.

As is customary the site was built to perform responsively, allowing all users to be able to natively view the website and its content no matter what device they are using.